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During the founding of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute, it was Erika who helped lead this new organization and its partners through its most critical milestones. Erika's deep influence in the strategy, mission, and community partnerships defined the character of PNI. Because of this, working with her and the broader team to translate such a well designed, well protected, clear vision online was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. 

Many years later, PNI remains one of the most successful projects at PolicyLink, and in my own work elsewhere. It took deep experience to help start and define it. It took a yeo(wo)man to keep it together. And it took someone with a remarkable love for education, equity, and faith in the power of positive change that can only come from within communities.

Rafael Shimunov

National Creative Services Director at Working Families Party

February 16, 2013, Rafael managed Erika indirectly at Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink, PolicyLink